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Felicity Fox is writing just wrote(!)

all in our heads

Unflinchingly honest and beautifully introspective, all in our heads recounts Felicity's childhood as a "gifted kid" who struggles with educational and social struggles and its effects on an adulthood consumed by feelings of shame and inadequacy.

Felicity doesn't shy away from her experiences—from losing her friends when she couldn't pretend to be "normal" to an abusive relationship that further perpetuated that fact, to seeing magic in the mundane and making room in this big, wide neurotypical world for her son—no matter how stigmatized. Instead, she takes them head on with compassion, charm, and occasional irreverent humor to uplift others who also live with mental illness.

I’m proud to support NAMI Metropolitan Baltimore in their mission to build a greater understanding of mental illness and mental health conditions. That’s why 10% of the proceeds made from all in our heads and related merchandise will be donated to NAMI Metro Baltimore so they can continue providing free programs that promote education, support, and awareness.